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Bothered by blocked drains? Drainage specialists Central Plumbing Wellington can quickly sort them out, 24/7

cctv camera1 plumbing installation wellington central plumbing plumbing emergency wellington drainage wellington plumber 400The professional team at Central Plumbing Wellington make sure they keep up-to-date with advances in the plumbing world so that you receive an efficient, cost-effective service every time.

Central Plumbing Wellington's technicians are renowned throughout Greater Wellington for a high level of professional workmanship. Thanks to this exceptionally high standard, when our Master Plumbers service your drainage system it will end up being more efficient and last longer.

Whatever kind of assistance you need with your drainage system – installation, alteration or unblocking – call in the specialists at Central Plumbing Wellington immediately. A full range of service options are available to clean, clear and identify problems with your drains and sewers, including:

  • CCTV camera drain inspections
  • drain cleaning
  • drain clearing
  • leak detection and location

Central Plumbing Wellington offers a residential and commercial drain unblocking service 24/7, so give us a call now and we will respond as soon as possible. If you require general plumbing services or roofing services we can help with those too.

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Identifying and preventing common clogging causes that create blocked pipes in drainage systems

Functional drainage systems are important to keep your property hygienic and your household or employees healthy. Annoying blockages are usually caused by either broken drains or clogged pipes. Here are some of the common reasons why Central Plumbing Wellington is called in to unblock drains and how to prevent it happening:

Bathrooms: Shower, basin and bath drains clog up when dirt, skin flakes and hair bind with soap scum on the pipe walls. Over time, the pipes become blocked as this debris accumulates and reduces water flow.

Try cleaning your bathroom fixtures regularly with environmentally friendly products. Did you know that pouring in white vinegar, followed by some baking powder, will instantly clear minor clogging in your bathroom drains? Done regularly, it's a great way to keep your pipes free of blockages and smelling fresh.

Kitchens: Sink drains typically clog up because cooking grease or oil becomes caked onto the pipe walls. If you add detergent soap scum and undissolved food particles to the mix (such as rice which expands in water), you end up with a stubborn, gunky clog that reduces water flow.

Prevention is better than cure, so deal with your used kitchen grease or oil by letting it set and then wrapping it in paper and disposing of it in the rubbish. Your food scraps are better off on the compost heap or else going into landfill. Again, try using the vinegar and baking soda method as part of your weekly house cleaning to keep kitchen drains clean and clear.

Toilets: Clogged toilets are a nasty business. They are usually caused by unflushable items that do not dissolve or break apart in water, for example:

  • all types of pre-moistened wipes
  • cotton-tipped swabs
  • cotton make up cleansing pads
  • contraceptive products
  • dental floss
  • feminine hygiene products
  • miscellaneous items such as children’s toys
  • nappies

Not only do such items pollute the planet by ending up in waterways and the ocean, they can also cause untold damage to your drainage system. The best way to keep the natural environment and your sewers free of undisolvable waste is to dispose of such items in landfill instead. Cleaning your toilet regularly with non-toxic natural products also helps to keep water flowing smoothly. And of course only natural waste and paper that is readily dissolvable in water should go down there.

Experienced plumbing technicians using the lastest drain unblocking equipment

drainage machine 1 plumbing installation wellington central plumbing plumbing emergency wellington drainage wellington plumberThe qualified technicians at Central Plumbing Wellington are fully trained to use CCTV drain inspection equipment to diagnose more serious drainage issues. Backed by years of experience in operating specialist drain clearing equipment, our team can guarantee that your blocked pipes will be sorted out quickly and efficiently.

Whether you are after a complete drain unblocking service, a general maintenance job, or a full relay of your drainage system, the team at Central Plumbing Wellington are the experts to call in. Installation of all new and replacement drainage systems is only done using the highest quality materials so that building compliance is ensured.

Central Plumbing Wellington is a professional, fully insured plumbing firm that can guarantee you will not be put at risk when we visit your Wellington site for all types of plumbing repairs.

So make sure you call in the experts at Central Plumbing Wellington as soon as you suspect a drainage problem in your Wellington property.

Central Plumbing Wellington also offers full plumbing services from new plumbing to plumbing repairs and maintenance, and roofing services including new roofing, roof leak repairs, and roof maintenance.