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Blocked drains? Want new drainage? Need a drainlayer now? 
Central Plumbing Wellington is here to help

• Professional, qualified drainlayers   •   New drainage    •  Repair and replacement of broken pipes   
• Expert fixing of blocked, smelly drains   • From Wellington to Upper Hutt and Mana

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Professional drainlayers will fix and repair broken pipes and unblock and repair drains

Central Plumbing Wellington is here to assist you with all drainage problems. From new drainage system design work through to repairs on damaged pipes and diagnostic solutions using cameras - we are here to provide you with a solution.

We’re here to help. Contact Central Plumbing Wellington for your plumbing, drainage or roofing quote today.

Central Plumbing can help with:

  • blocked pipes
  • blocked outside drains
  • unblock a drain
  • drainage installation
  • drain location

Full range of drainage services offered from new drainage to drain repair and replacement

clearing blocked drains plumbing installation wellington central plumbing plumbing emergency wellington drainage wellington plumber 400Central Plumbing Wellington plumbers are qualified drain layers assuring you of the highest quality of workmanship and professional standards. Central Plumbing Wellington is here to give expert guidance and information to find the right drainage solution for you. Our drainage services include:

  • Drain laying
  • Blocked drains and gullytraps
  • Driveway drainage systems
  • Stormwater sumps
  • Drainage issues on the property
  • Clearing your blocked sewer or stormwater
  • Relaying existing sewer or stormwater drains
  • Sewage problems diagnosed and fixed
  • Hillside runoff containment
  • Installing a driveway sump or slot drain
  • Controlling surface water drainage
  • Concrete cutting to fix drains

Central Plumbing Wellington also offers full plumbing services from new plumbing to plumbing repairs and maintenance, and roofing services including new roofing, roof leak repairs, and roof maintenance.

Contact us 24/7 for all emergency plumbing problems

Central Plumbing Wellington services the greater Wellington regions including Johnsonville, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and across to Mana and Whitby. If you have an emergency plumbing problem please get in touch with us immediately. Prevent your plumbing emergency escalating into a full scale disaster in your Wellington home or business - contact Central Plumbing Wellington today.

Examples of work done...


This is a drainage job that was done by Central Plumbing. Every time it rained heavily water would enter the house so I installed a large sump and angled the concrete in the sump. There is subsoil drainage under concrete to stop water from the hillside going under the foundation of the house. There is easy access from drain clearing with drain raisers to surface...

This is a drainage job that I completed. There is a range of drainage used. Heavy wall drain pipe needing to be installed in the driveway when the sewer and storm water were replaced. Subsoil drainage from retaining wall to keep water away from wall foundation making them last longer. Controlling surface water with storm water sumps and concrete gutters around the house...

This is a drainage job that when I got involved, I found that they had let it leak into the ground too long and this has cause subsidence at one side of the front steps that has cracked and dropped on one side...

Blocked drains - once I have cleared a blocked drain this is what it will look like. Spraying disinfectant kills any nasty bugs...